Custom Sentiment Stamp

0.04 LBS
$3.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Would you like to have your favorite quote or sentiment made into a rubber cling stamp?  Now you can.

All you need to do is fill out the comment section of your order and

  • include the sentiment you would like
  • the size you would prefer to see it in
  • any font suggestions you may have

We do not create graphics for you, it is strictly text.  We will design 3 images for you to choose from via email and once you have confirmed the image we will get it ready for manufacturing.

  • Proofs will take up to 48 hours to complete
  • Once approved, they final stamp could take up to 21 days to complete and ship (Most times it will be quicker than this, but due to demand, stamp show schedule, etc. it could take longer)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using our Say Hi button on the home page.

If you are placing an order with additional items, they will be shipped out separately and your custom stamp will ship when it is finished.

My Custom Stamp from So Suzy Stamps!

Written by Jacqueline Ciolli on 1st Mar 2017

My fellow stampers and crafters-- I love my Custom Stamp! As a (many times returned) customer at So Suzy Stamps, I really enjoy snarky sayings to make my friends and family laugh. My Custom Stamp has allowed my particular humor to be etched in red rubber and inked in any color! The process was easy, I just wrote my saying in a comment to So Suzy, and within 24 hours Suzy had emailed me with a design idea in a font I liked. After I accepted the design, Suzy whisked my idea away and did her magic stampy thing! I received my stamp about 5 days later-- so maybe 9 days total after I submitted my idea? I feel that even if I should come up with an intimate sentiment, a snazzy poem or a powerful encouragement anecdote-- So Suzy is there to make it into a stamp for me. Thank you Suzy!

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