Don't Give Up

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There are times when you just want to throw in the towel and have a pity party for yourself.  However, that doesn't always make you feel better in the end.  That's why I say, why not give a big huge flock of birds to reality and move on.  Throw away all the crap he gave you, delete every song that reminds you of the dirt bag and break your keyboard!  Oh wait, crap, that's not really good advice.  Trust me, I know, I have done it.  So, instead of a throwing a Suzy Fit or a Pity Party, flip off the world and start over!

The Down and Dirty
All of our Cling Mount Stamps are manufactured with high quality foam that we index so you can easily identify the stamp.  Essentially it means, it is super high quality and it even has the image labeled on the foam!  Oh ya, baby, does it get any better than that?  Umm, yep, it actually does!  Because the red rubber is of high quality and deeply etched so no wavering in these babies!
Stamp Size
.5" h x 2" w


inspirational quote

Written by Mary C on 29th Apr 2015

Inspirational quotes work with any type of cards:sympathy, encouragement, advice, get well. etc... Etc

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